Wine is identity, soul, art. 

It has led me from the Rheingau to Thasos where the wine and the place fits to my identity.   

My vision is the renaissance of the grapes and the millennium old unique wine tradition of Thasos. 

And making the best measurable Natural Wine of Greece. 

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natural wine.

For me natural wine making is antique viticulture. 

With effort, time, knowledge and both hands create great, unique wines.

Since 2001, I have been studying the old techniques of the French and Greeks oenologically. 

Here on the island, I reactive thousands of years old techniques and old varieties on the best soils.

One should do as little as possible to the wine. The wine market is an industry. Hosed down and overdone. Technology is destroying the soil. The pure yeast makes the wine soulless.

I make wines with emotion, presence as an authentic expression of the place.





Hundreds of years ago the Italians already dried their grapes on lava stone. The French in the Jura on straw. Their goal: rich in extract, long-lasting wines - with the unique perfume of the environment. Here on the Greek island, the grapes used to be soaked in sea water after drying. I also use the sea and the unique ochre. My latest project: aperitif and desert wines from sea and land dried grapes. Due to the clay minerals and the salt water they contain a special materiality and complexity - with flavors like seaweed, cashew nuts, lily.  

Tastable only on Thasos in 2021.



treasures amphora fermented