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Winemaker, oenologist, environmental scientist


"The magic of making an exceptional wine comes from 100% organically cultivated vineyards. Many vineyards are golf courses, nothing lives there anymore. Technology is destroying the soil. My passion: to produce unique natural wine on living soil with solid craftsmanship, time and knowledge."


Alexander Heer has been committed to this claim since 2004 with the aim of raising old European "vineyard treasures". After a classical winemaker apprenticeship and during his studies of oenology he developed his personal mission of antique viticulture. Since 2020 he has been studying environmental sciences in order to produce even more holistic wine and to understand the work botanically.


Germany, Greece, USA


He combines old craftsmanship with old and new knowledge. Works with amphorae and techniques of the ancient Greeks and French. In this way he defines modernity and combines with antiquity to create a new profile. 


From 2001-2015 he maintained vineyards in the Rheingau in the Wiesbadener Frauenstein and Hallgarten and produced potent and complex wines from simple grape varieties such as Müller Thurgau and Portugieser. From 2010 he dedicated himself to the production of sparkling wine. 


"Sparkling wine is king class. Without a perfect base wine it will be nothing. I wanted to make sparkling wines that have the potential to kick out champagne." 


Since 2011 he has been reactivating old Greek varieties on the best historical soils on the island of Thasos, where he has been living permanently since 2016. In addition, he works as an oenological consultant in the USA and conducts wine-growing and cellar management consultations with holistic analyses. 


Earth engineer, geologist, archaeologist


They are old vineyards, which after some time as untouchables, are reactivated by him.

But before he wants to discover "the vineyard" as such for his wines, he carries out extensive soil analyses. The soils with the least amount of chemical fertilizer treatment, herbicide and pesticide content are in the foreground. Here the repopulation of flora and fauna has the best chances.


Natural Wine Pioneer


The wines produced in this way reflect these handwritings and succeed in creating a diversity of species in the wine. In each of his wine series, the characters and grape varieties of the individual regions are reflected. 


Wine as a solid craft and cultural landscape protection - The production of his interpretation of white and red wines takes place as small series in stainless steel, barrique and kioupi (amphorae). Wines are created, far from the mass phenomenon, with a lot of identity and soul.

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