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Kioupi II.12

Kioupi II.12


„Kioupi II.12“


With the Kioupi II. we dedicate ourselves to a red wine, fermented in ceramics, assampled from a different world of pleasure. The grapes come from the Hallgarter Hendelberg. Fluvial gravels that have been superimposed on the decalcified loess of the last ice age, are home to 45-year-old vines. These old vines belong to the indigenous grape-variety Portugues azul, that has found its way to Central Europe. Due to their thick skin layer it is a perfect partner for the amphora. Yet alone in the Rheingau only 5 hectares of this grape-variety are cultivated. We administer 0.5 ha of those. This precoctious vine grows at about 300 m above sea level and therefore gets brought to full maturity while being picked in contrary to its nature, on a late-harvest date. The wines from amphora exclude rotteness to a hundred percent. Purity is not just an empty phrase, but a principal request to the starting material. The Portugues azul ferments up to nine months on mash. Oxygen saturated wine production such as this, preserves the wine over decades to come.

Plot: Hallgarter Würzgarten
Portugues azul from organic grapes
42 years old vines, organic, 9 month on skins in amphora,
bucket press, free run and first soft pressing,
15 month in 3rd use tonneau

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