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Pinot Noir Precocé/Frühburgunder ´13/´15

Pinot Noir Precocé/Frühburgunder ´13/´15


We were so happy when we heard the good news that we could take over a vineyard planted with Pinot Noir Precocé aka Frühburgunder at short notice. In the peripheria of Wiesbaden, the plot is called Frauensteiner Marshall. There is a peculiar undefined Premier Cru in the area called "knee of the rhine river". This area is full of round pebbles and clay sediments, but below that soil there is a huge solid plate of Taunus quartzite. The Rhine was not strong enough to break through this structure of magmatite formation and flow directly into the North Sea.

A winemaker named Helmut Sinz gave us the opportunity to rent this PNP and Auxerrois, a very nonchalant variety from France.

We draw your attention to the fact that an Auxerrois sparkling wine was made from it at another point.

The rare and unique PNP, Germany has only 250 ha, is showing his fruity and awarded presence pretty fast. Three years and five years with the 2015 vintage we were courages enough to do long term barrel aging and bottle aging as well. There are not so many winemakers going this long period consequent like we have done. Try it or let it.

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