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Silk Screen_Screen Print

Silk Screen_Screen Print


This screen printing is one of our signatures, that we already brought to perfection in our 19° small series. The graphical transport of our wines is always a motivational factor. In wine series. the wine as a everage is always created first. To have an idea of a label or brand is always only the result of many previous steps during production. We place the greatest possible attention to us not as artists, but to see much more than graphic. We work out the typography of the wine.

Screen printing – in this stencil printing method we opted for the use of iron filings in minimal grain. The challenge in this case is the area application of a viscous printing paste on the carrier material, for example cardboard.

Analogous to the maturation of wine in the bottle, oxidization of the iron particles as a function of time from gray to rusty red. This metamorphosis that takes place in the world of geology since billions of years, we now transform to a “larger carrier”

DIN A0 is the format. The clay Greek pithoi the subject. As a limited edition of 100 units, we have now also conserved the graphic element of Amphora Germanica. The combined package of high-quality wine and creative commercial art is laced in all its haptic perception now.

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