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"le 7ème sens" Pinot Noir ´10 Sparkling

"le 7ème sens" Pinot Noir ´10 Sparkling


The 7th sense…once again we have developed a new creation. Pinot Noir ’10 Brut nature. From our Pinot Noir, which is known by one or the other as “932 square meters”, we developed an exceptional red sparkling wine, according to our rather unorthodox style in winemaking.

Titles are awarded by others, but this sparkling wine definitely promotes a reserve-character. After three years of care and batonnage in a Tonneau we transformed this classic red wine in-house to this expressive sparkling. After a period of sixteen months classic bottle fermentation, we approved our product with german restaurant managers and star gastronomers to the extent that we do not want to add an additional Dosage to the sparkling wine. This market-bound step leads us to do the one or other store check before filling or the disgorgement of sparkling wines, to archive the fullest customer satisfaction and to fulfill contemporary wine conaisserus needs. We bring the issue of “le 7ème sens” Magnum edition, currently on our new Riesling, the “field blend” and a Frühburgunder (Pinot Noir Precoce). Expected launch date for this undertaking is December 2020. Slowly, slowly.

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