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Pinot Noir Precocé Sparkling ´13

Pinot Noir Precocé Sparkling ´13


Pinot Noir Precocé is the early matured represantative of all Pinot´s. A real diva during the vegetation period this variety never wants to bring huge amounts of yields. She is a beauty on her surface but she can be a real challange to harvest. As majestic shaped bunch these variety is a really rare but highly accepted type of grape on educated tongues. Rich and full bodied red wines are nice sometimes but to use these grape for a sparkling wine not really common.

We created another red sparkling wine to show how perfect it can be to pair bubbles with the main course. Fruity and crispy although the base wine was stored one year in French oak. We disgorge on demand "à la minute" – still on the rack we need roundabout 18 days to stuff you with this essence. Vintage 2013.

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