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"le 7ème sens" Portugues azul ´13 Sparkling

"le 7ème sens" Portugues azul ´13 Sparkling


Portugues azul is an autochthone variety from Portugal. We discovered one plot in Hallgarten, Germany. A formerly Celtic settlement named Hargadun. The vineyard is located at 250 – 290 m above sea level. The slope is roundabout 15° steep and the vines were planted in 1978.

An easy drinking wine for every day consumption so say the locals and so called knowing gourmands.

We agree a bit, but with the difference to enrich a simple Rosé with a secondary back bone. You will discover a delicate and fine drinkable solitaire. It is easy; to work with the méthode champenoise the full consequence is to unmask failures in winemaking or to create a masterpiece. It is obvious after five years of bottle aging we created out of a mule a running horse. The restaurants gave us the permission that we should still work with Portugues azul on this level, so we can perform with that variety and amount until the vintage 2015.

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