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déjà-fruit Riesling Amphora ´16

déjà-fruit Riesling Amphora ´16


This Riesling is the most unorthodox candidate of his kind. Nine months ancient amphora fermented on the berry skins, basket pressed and matured in french oak tonneau around 6 months. It´s filigrane soul is touched by a herbal character. Spicy and salty in the same moment we revived an old school taste from Greece and married with our German Riesling rootstocks planted 1958 in Wiesbaden-Frauenstein (Mühlbach).

Everybody is talking about that Riesling has to taste like maracuja or peach. We decided to stop with that confession and we let the dogmatic techniques beside. Secondary aroma is the key – most of the Somm´s agree with that fact. Still available.

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