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27.380 flaechen_id, Riesling  ́15

27.380 flaechen_id, Riesling ́15


The old “Mühlberg” with the reg No “27.380” is positioned in the heart of a former municipal estate with great reputation. Here, in the evening hours, the cool air of the Taunus mountains falls down, and the stone walls of this Riesling vineyard, which serve as natural barriers, divert these amounts of cool air.
The valley around is famous and unique for its flora and fauna and, moreover, it is located in close proximity to the Spa city of Wiesbaden. In this area rare wild orchids grow, bordered by ruderal parcels. Within the several hundred years old dry stone walls, another relic survived: The aesculapian snake (Elaphe longissima) an endangered species, that today can - North of the alps – be found only at this place
called “Mühlberg”.
The Elaphe longissima, symbol of the medical and pharmaceutical siences, is woken up by the wam sunrays of the morning and suns itself at the bottom of this monopole site.
The survival of this rare species is an indicator for the microclimate of a Grand Cru plot and a healthy biotope. As legend suggests, the wine from this vineyard, consumed moderately may have medicinal properties. This gift of nature and the extraordinary age of approx
60 years old vines is a visible treasure in this steep slope with 35% inclination, only workable manually.
Characterized by weathered slate, this wine shows great mineral talent each year. One part is matured in old oak barrels as remeniscence to the centuries old habits in Germany and the other part is matured in amphorae to honor the greek - roman contribution to our European wine culture. In 27.380 both worlds are unified in an aristocratic wine with enormous longevity.


„27.380“ vintage 2015
Plot: Mühlberg
100% Riesling from organic grapes
very steep slope in Wiesbaden (35°), planted in 1958
2 years Tonneau 2nd use

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