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19 Grad - Müller Thurgau ´14

19 Grad - Müller Thurgau ´14


The workhorse Mueller-Thurgau is the unorthodox USP of antique_viticulture. With an incline of 19° and over thirty year old vines, at an average altitude of 250 m above sea level, this vineyard is always harvested late in October. The vineyard site “Hallgartener Wuerzgarten” literally produces spicy wines. At approximately 1,500 square meters the average yield is two barrels per year. Currently the 2014 vintage is bottled. For wine enthusiasts, who already know it all a nice alternative to the omnipresent, contemporary pleasing savoriness.


· Production detail
Bridled, multi months fermentation plus batonnage
17 months in oak barrels (French oak barrels)
Bottles p. a. 575


· Fragrance
Primarily banana, balsamic notes
Secondary peach, vanilla


· Taste
Peach, dried yellow fruit,
reduced phenol structure, candied apple, licorice,
sweet-sour ratio balanced,
mineral finish

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