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The aquanautic wine

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The wine that is truly symbiotic with the sea is the one we have been making here on the Greek island of Thasos since 2019. The deliberations began a year ago. Due to the inclemency of the year and the restrictions for the whole society, we were able to concentrate on the sources of our past travel reports and thus science. Sifting and discarding - distilling the essence.

After years of research in ancient museums of Greece, we came across all kinds of recipes carved in stone or documented in other ways. These sources are our opportunity and request on our journey back in time to explore not only the discovery of old forgotten grape varieties, but also the instructions on how to make wine. Since there are no longer any true masters of this ancient style, we worked according to good professional practice and current hygiene standards.

The story begins in the museum of Limenas, Thasos in 2013, where we find the oldest wine law on display. We immediately photograph it and set about the task of understanding the ancient Greek. We translate and a few peculiarities of an old style of drying grapes in the sun beforehand and then soaking them in salt water for 20 days and fermenting them again with fresh grapes are revealed. This technique is probably at least 2,500 years old, produced as such on the island of Thasos, a popular commodity for the tables of the patricians, and it makes us curious.

Years go by and we come across new sources in the museum on Chios. On this island, they probably went one step further and anchored grapes for several days at a depth of about 12 metres near the coast. This seems consistent to us and we remember the old recipe of our island again.

These two resources: working with salt water and grapes. We follow up and contact the local diving school in 2019. All professionals with at least 600 dives a year and well-versed in the waters around Thasos. They can be treacherous, as can the weather. Within minutes there can be heavy swells, undercurrents and gusty winds. Here on Thasos we are well arranged with a phenomenon called Bourini – this harsh storm comes all of a sudden. So far it seems technically challenging, but nevertheless the will and curiosity to create such an extraordinary product is great. We do the diving licences and get trained as divers. The story can begin and I become an aquanaut.

The sea, seemingly endless depths. Anyone who has ever been diving knows about the spherical three-dimensionality of the water and the balancing of the own body. In addition, the diver needs good equipment with various safety systems. So far the technology.

Rather, the aspect of the limited time on the one hand spends in the depths is enormously condensed. The few senses on the other hand are particularly sharpened and many times more active in this milieu.

Like the climate, like the wine. From now on, through the components of influence pressure and aseptic salt water as well, we transform the pectin structure of the grapes. We macerate the raw material in the sea and after five majestic days of maturation on the aegean land‘s of water our autochthonous grapes are back on the surface ready to ferment in our clayvessels aka Kioupia.

Thasos is the place again where ancient knowledge will be revived. A hidden treasure that will fascinate your palate in 2021. Ready to uncork only on Thasos. So far here are the data we have got it for you...

Sensoric check:





Smoky aromatics






Floral taste

Yellow fruits (peach, pear)

salty, with each additional sip becoming more and more elegant

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