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Why Greece?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The island of Thasos is located in the northern Aegean Sea. Here the viticulture has its history since the 5th century BC. Experienced Phoenician sailors brought the terraced culture to the occident. Especially Thasian amphora wine travelled far in those days. Fragments of the Thasian brands are scattered from the Balkans to Egypt, Israel and India. Thasian wine became the number one commodity.  

Following a recommendation, we came across the village of Megalos Prinos, also known as Kazaviti. There are two mountain villages on the island under this name, Megalos Kazaviti and Mikro Kazaviti. Both are beautiful historical villages with very old vineyards. Embedded in terraced fields, you will find historical wine presses, clay amphorae for wine production, archaic tools and stone buildings in a varied green landscape. 

This is where the project has started in 2011 and was the beginning for a long-term collective challenge of committed co workers and partners. 

It is our wish and our heart's desire to help the ancient Thasian viticulture to old dignity and to give it a touch of old class. It is both a challenge and a pleasure for us to combine ancient customs and expertise, to present Greece in a new light with regard to wine culture. And to continue the importance of viticulture that was gained there in the Middle Ages from the 3rd to 5th century BC.

The old masters of winemaking were no longer to be found on Thasos. Nevertheless, in cooperation with very helpful locals from Greece, we brought wines to maturity, which, through its special care and well suited soils, grows into an exceptional and rich drink. 

While others lift weights in the gym, we take care of the surrounding areas step by step. Meanwhile we reactivated ancient terraces we become atlethics.

Welcome to Monster Island!

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