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Kaiser Wilhelm

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The former "accidental seedling" is an old variety from the 19th century

and found its way onto the Kaiser Wilhelm table. As a tough winter apple from breeder Johann Wilhelm Schumacher, it found popularity at the German Emperors court.

Since then, this tasty apple has had its title conferred by the title given by authority and dignity.

Thus we complete the portfolio with a new variety. No, we do not call this juice Cidré either.

The also known as Wilhelmapfel is a grateful representative to storage inside a well temperated warehouse, as well as for juicing in gentrified industrial backyards of large German cities as a palate pleaser. Its acidity is low and its odour pure spiciness, which is pleasantly mild due to the cider fermentation and the ferment on the mash. Depending on which gusto is to be met, however, is the Méthode ancestrale or Méthode artisanale is the noblest of all preservation of its aroma. Fermented with its endogene sugar.

An emperor deserves a real artist's portrait. The wonderful Artist from Portland, Oregon; I was actually able to get her to design the label. With her progressive enthusiasm she provides us with an additional delicious facet of her expressive artistic skills. Special thanks to that oversea collaboration.

The idea with the apple took its beginning on a journey. With the conclusion of our harvest with Irina Sofranova on Thasos, I was able to set off on a journey to discover such ancient monuments, cause I was actually on the trail of Saxonian castles and baroque palace culture. Taking photos. On these trips you come across stories everywhere.

The apple is not only the symbol of occidental culture. We have the great fortune to still find all kinds of old tree treasures. Here the apple tree, due to the place of the width, always exposed places assigned, so that they are to be found as solitairs can still be found in abundance. These individual creatures will now be the donors for our new pomological collection. The older the biological monument, the better. The longer the maturity, the more valuable the determining ingredients. The tree that grows in height is already a candidate in fruit cultivation that falls off the grid. Mechanizability and economic efficiency are the limiting factors. So exactly my approach, this recipe is the best for the future.

This range is now going on air. Still pomme and sparkling pomme. Only

real with moderate alcohol to have a sip or two. Cheers.

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